• factory audit
    Shanghai Tranwin Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Potential Compliance Risk Management
    Location: Tranwin >> factory audit consulting
    -Release yourself from Chinese factories risks on credit/quality/culture difference.
    -Never worry about ethical issues any more.
    -Never worry about supply chain safety any more.
    -Spend less time in looking for suppliers with our powerful database.
    -Reduce communication costs.
    -Get stronger relationship with suppliers.
    -Increase the controllability of orders, and optimize the product.
    With ten years' efforts, we are proud that we have provided services to ten thousand Chinese manufacturers and helped them to pass the factory ethical-compliance auditing. Our good service helps us establish tight and long-term business cooperation with ten thousand manufacturers specializing in a wide range of commodities such as tools, hardware, textiles, garments, footwear, toys, leather products, luggage, chinaware, arts and crafts, house wares, furniture, household appliances, printing, moulds, plastics, auto parts, and metal.
    >> 1.1.2. COC CONSULTING

    At present, TRANWIN provides such factory audit consulting service as below :

    SA8000 audit consulting
    audit consulting
    ICTI audit consulting
    audit consulting
    WRAP audit consulting
    audit consulting
    BSCI audit consulting
    audit consulting

    C-TPAT audit consulting
    audit consulting
    GSV audit consulting
    audit consulting
    ETI audit consulting
    audit consulting
    EICC audit consulting
    audit consulting

    Currently, most of the buyers from North America and some buyers from EU have their own code of conduct standards, which is really confusing the factories in China, although the core elements of the COC audit are almost the same. The buyers list for your reference: Disney, Target, Decathlon, The Home Depot, Kingfisher,Tesco,B&Q, Best Buy, Costco, Marks&Spen cer, Woolworth, Wal-mart,Adidas,Argos,Apple,Bandai,Carrefour, Cocacola,Debenhams , Eletrolux,Esprit,GAP, H&M,Hasbro,ICS,JCPenney,Junior Gallery, Kohlí»s,Levis,Li&Fu ng, Mattel,McDonald,Microsoft,Nike,Okaidi,Philips,Puma,PVH,Reebok,Sears,Stapl es,Starbucks and so on.
    WALMART audit consultingDISNEY audit consultingCOSTCO audit consultingSEARS audit consultingSEDEX audit consultingTARGET audit consultingTHE HOME DEPOT audit consultingDOLLAR GENERAL audit consulting
    The core elements of ethical standard factory audits:

    -Child Labor/Underage Labor/Discrimination/Forced Labor
    -Working Hours/Wages and Compensation/Welfare
    -Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
    -Disciplinary Practices
    -General Environmental Health and Safety(EHS)
    -Fire Protection
    TOP Nowadays, a large number of brands and retailers are under pressure from labor NGOs, activists and media as sweatshops are emerging in their supply chains. Does the traditional policing model make a difference? Although they have comprehensive strategies and polices, persistent worker rights abuses in their global supply chains are frequently brought to the public.

    Is the social auditing model which brands and retailers take as a primary tool to monitor their suppliers' labor conditions effective?

    Can it help to prevent risks or provide them real and adequate information?

    Definitely, you need our Potential Compliance Risk Management Services
    >> Potential Compliance Risk Management Services:

    -Supplier Appraisal and Monitor Services
    -Potential Compliance Risk Investigation
    -Health, Safety and Environment Assessments and Training
    -CSR Risk Management and Capacity Building of Supplier

    Buyers using our Potential Compliance Risk Management Services will ultimately:

    -Reduce compliance risk in supply chain by getting the real situation of suppliers
    -Improve health, safety and environmental management.
    -Enhance public relation crisis management with our support.
    TOP We understand how labor codes, sourcing decisions, business capabilities, and cultures combine to determine business and social outcomes. We are uniquely effective both in assessing and improving working conditions, and working on policy issues within the public and private sectors.

    a. According to international standards/requirements (SA8000, ILO clause, ISO26000, EICC, ETI) and domestic standards/requirements CSC900, we are dedicated to helping customers set up a SR system with lowest costs in order to build a solid foundation in the international market development and lead a sustainable business.
    b. Help enterprises find out defects in themselves or their suppliers and therefore make efficient improvement.
    c. We are looking for a balance between social responsibilities and costs to lead healthy development by communication and mutual learning.
    TOP a. Solutions on the supplier management system
    We will formulate a set of scientific, complete and efficient management methods in place for Chinese manufacturers. On top of that, relevant advanced methods and process controlling theory will be adopted in the whole life circle of supply chain to control the risks. Therefore, the clients can secure the result for logically and predictably controlling its risks on the products and ethics.
    b. Suppliers monitoring service
    Involve in supplier management for customers. The suppliers can be your power source in the business world through constant improvement.
    c. Supplier consulting services
    Suppliers are your partners in pursuit of business success. We will be very pleasure to make any helps for your business.
    TOP With ten years' efforts, we are proud that we have provided services to ten thousand Chinese manufacturers and helped them to pass the factory ethical-compliance auditing. Our good service helps us establish tight and long-term business cooperation with ten thousand manufacturers specializing in a wide range of commodities such as tools, hardware, textiles, garments, footwear, toys, leather products, luggage, chinaware, arts and crafts, house wares, furniture, household appliances, printing, moulds, plastics, auto parts, and metal.

    Our manufacturers passed all sorts of certifications or verifications such as SA8000/ICTI/WRAP/EICC/BSCI/ETI/GSV/ISO9000/ISO14000/OHSAS18000/GOTS/OE100, technical audits (such as 'Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment' and FCCA), and corporate social responsibility audits (COC audits/social audits/ethical audits).

    As more and more foreign buyers enter into China, sourcing suppliers and goods, we could take advantage of our suppliers database from consulting business, and act as their buying office, helping them to find the qualified suppliers and satisfied goods.

    In case of any problem, please doní»t hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to serve you.

    ADD: 15/F, Building B, No.3064, North Zhongshan Road,Shanghai, China
    E-MAIL: idavidlee@hotmail.com (prefered)
    MOBILE: 18601633226
    CONTACT: Mr. David Lee
    Cultural corridor
    Cultural corridor
    Table tennis room
    Table tennis room
    Service department
    Service department
    Shanghai Tranwin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the leading consulting firms specialized in Supply Chain Safety Consulting, with more than ten years expertise in corporate social responsibility and ISO management systems, providing professional consulting and training services to international buyers and their contracted factories to meet the Quality (Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment-FCCA), Safety (GSV/C-TPAT)and Ethical standards or requirements for a wide range of industries, such as textile, garment, footwear, toy, houseware, electronics and other consumable sectors. Our services create values by seamlessly combining procurement expertise with industry knowledge.

    We have been working closely with local factories and suppliers to help them:
    1. Improve the social responsibility systems and workplace conditions to meet international and national standards including ethical standards.
    2. Pass audit smoothly and get more orders with the lowest cost and business risks.


    Since 1997, we provided consulting services against factory auditing mainly to the factories in South China.
    2005: Headquarter moved to Shanghai, Shanghai Tranwin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. established
    2009: Shanghai Tranwin Industrial Co., Ltd. established
    2009: Quanzhou office established
    2009: Hongkong office established
       Mr. Mike Shi---Chairman of TRANWIN Group      Mr. Jack Ma---Chairman of Alibaba.com Group
       Mr. Mike Shi---Chairman of TRANWIN Group With
       Mr. Jack Ma---Chairman of Alibaba.com Group


    We have been working closely with local factories and suppliers to help them improve the systems and workplace conditions to meet international and national standards.


    Our professional team consists of experienced social compliance auditors, safety engineers, quality managers, and HR managers. We are able to provide comprehensive professional services to international and local customers.

    Our social compliance auditors/consultants are the first generation professionals of this field, they have been trained with SA8000/C-TPAT/ISO9000/ISO14000 etc., most of them have more than 4 years experience in 2nd party COC ( Wal-Mart/Disney/Kmart-Sears/Costco/Coca-Cola/Levis/Guess/Target/Carrefour/M&S/Gap/Nike/Tesco/Reebok) audits or 3rd party SA8000 /WRAP/FLA certification audits in international recognized certification bodies, such as ITS/CSCC/SGS, or multinational corporations, Such as Wal-Mart GP.


    * Confidentiality: all information acquired during consultations must not be disclosed to any third parties without the prior approval from our customers.
    *Training: our employees alway provide professional training to maintain our high quality services.
    * No subcontracting: all services always performed by our regular employees.
    * No extra service fee: all service charges always expressly written in our service agreements with our customers.

    Furthermore, during every consultation, we always invite our customers to fill in a customer feedback questionnaire in order that the whole process is under strictly control.
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